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Black caviar concentrate “Cellular Recovery” 3ml x 10pcs Natura Siberica

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  • Description

    Inspired by the power of nature and modern achievements of science, laboratory specialists of Natura Siberica has created a unique Concentrate of caviar. Rich formula with double the content of the extract of black caviar keeps the secret of cell recovery.
    Caviar contains all the essential vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals that can give your youth a second chance. This concentrate of active ingredients acts on several levels: gives a vital energy to the skin, moisturizes, nourishes optimal way, activates the process of cell regeneration.
    Active ingredients:
    The black caviar extract, world famous for its unique anti-aging properties, rich in proteins and collagen, minerals and vitamins that helps to prevents the aging process, activates the process of cellular renewal and collagen production.
    Collagen caviar retain moisture level of the epidermis, improving its tone and elasticity.
    Active complex of peptides Syn ®- Coll (content in serum 3%) stimulates the synthesis of collagen by skin cells and protects its structure from destruction by enzymes in the future.
    Proven effectiveness**: smoothing of skin relief by 12%.
    The high concentration of omega-3-6-7 and 9 acid black caviar restores and nourishes the cells, improves skin elasticity, shapes the oval of the face.
    Hyaluronic acid promotes prolonged moisturizing deep layers of the skin, slowing the process of premature aging.
    Phytoestrogens Siberian iris and clover accelerate the process of cell renewal. Gradually aging skin like blooms, becoming more elastic, hydrated and radiant, wrinkles are smoothed out.

  • Ingredients

    Water, glycerin, panthenol, sorbitol, saccharides, carbomer sodium, hyaluronic acid, caviar extract, tripeptides, glycerol linoleic acid/oleate/linoleate, polyglyceryl, extract kladonii snow, extract of Angelica, extract of Siberian mountain ash, PCA, sodium lactate, extract of bilberry, a complex of peptides, arginine, Siberian iris extract, clover extract, mallow extract, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetate acid, perfume, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, Ethylhexylglycerin, citric acid.

  • How to use

    Apply to clean skin and distribute evenly by circular movements, wait until completely absorbed. The concentrate can be applied daily before applying funds or to mix with day/night cream. It is recommended to use the concentrate morning and/or evening, depending on the needs of Your skin.

  • Additional Information

    30 ml

    Skin Type

    All Skin Types




    Natura Siberica


    Caviar Gold&Platinum

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