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Relict solid soap “Jasmine” Jurassic Spa

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  • Description

    If You do not have time to regularly visit the mud spas, this soap is a great alternative. The black part of the soap with 25% consists of relict mud lake, and the white part is 35% of healing relic salt. The healing effect of salt deposits on mixed and oily skin is complemented by a strong anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect of the black mud soap.
    The complex of active care substances supplemented with healing Shea butter and castor (8%), natural prebiotic (5%) and wetting agents (4%).
    With mud and relict salt lakes, contains the essential oil Jasmine (1.8%, with strong antidepressant and antiseptic). Excellent bacteriostatic properties of relict salt allowed to reduce to zero the use of preservatives.
    Note: all silt medicinal mud of sulfur have a characteristic smell, which is not masked completely even strong essential oils. Therefore, sulfurous nuance in the smell of the soap is normal and indicates the high concentration of relict mud treatment.

  • Ingredients

    Saponified oils: palm kernel, palm, olive, coconut, castor, treatment IDE (25%), water, Shea butter, olive, sweet almond, vinogradnyh bones, relic polymineral salt lake, lactitol (prebiotic from natural milk sugar) 5%, sodium lactate 2% lactic acid 2% components of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin, Licinius 2% (core silk amino acid), essential oil of Jasmine of 1.8%.

  • How to use

    Use only enough soap for body wash.

  • Additional Information

    100 g

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