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Refreshing foot cream Planeta Organica

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  • Description

    Komandorsky Wild Mint
    Collected in the protected areas of the Commander Islands juicy mint leaves have concentrated property to suppress the excessive sweating and odor.Komandorsky mint, absorbed the life force of the Far Eastern nature, has powerful antibacterial properties, increases the skin’s immunity to fungal diseases, soothes and heals.

    Kamchatka Fir-Tree
    Having grown on the rich volcanic soils of Kamchatka fir-tree is known for a unique combination of vitamins and aromatic substances. Since ancient times known the amazing property of fir promote rapid healing of wounds and fractures, as well as to reduce the intensity of the skin sweating feet.

    Chukotka Primroses
    Natural plant extract Chukchi primrose effectively moisturizes the skin, has an antibacterial effect, prevents peeling and stop the formation of calluses.

    98% Elimination of odor
    99% Softening and moisturizing foot skin
    96% Healing microcracks
    89% Reduced sweating

  • Ingredients

    Aqua with infusions of Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract * (infusion of organic wild mint), Oenothera Biennis Oil * (organic essential oil of primrose), Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Abies Gracilis Needle Extract (fir extract), Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract * ( organic extract of Siberian juniper), salvia Officinalis oil (oil of sage), Schizandra Chinensis Fruit oil (lemongrass oil Nanai), Isopropyl Palmitate, Theobroma cacao Seed butter (cocoa butter), Quercus Robur bark extract (extract of oak bark), Pimpinella Anisum Seed oil (anise oil), Rosa Canina Fruit oil * (organic oil Daurian rose hips), menthol (menthol), Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Xanthan Gum, nEOLON, BENZYL Alcohol, Citric Acid, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Limonene. * Organic ingredients.

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    Skin Type

    All Skin Types


    75 ml


    Planeta Organica


    Secrets of Kamchatka

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