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Hot sault anti-cellulite body scrub Natura Siberica

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  • Description
    Give yourself the pleasure of a spa in your own home. Try our hot salt anti-cellulite scrub with organic juniper oil, Siberian rapa salt, fireweed, and Altai mountain honey. The warming effect of the scrub helps active components penetrate skin cells even deeper.

    Organic juniper extract contains resins, fatty oils, vegetable wax, organic acids, colorants, and is very rich in vitamin C.  All of these actively restore skin structure, making it firm and elastic.

    Siberian rapa salt is rich in macro- and micro-elements, which boost immunity and regenerate skin cells, sustain skin elasticity, suppleness, and firmness.  Salt particles gently exfoliate dry cells, even out the skin’s surface, and activate blood supply to subcutaneous tissues.

    Organic green teahelps detoxify, deeply cleanses, and tones skin – enhancing its resistivity to external environmental factors.

    Altai mountain honey contains a full range of mineral salts, as well as vitamins А, С, РР, Н, Е, К and B group, all of which facilitate drainage of liquids from tissues, moisturize,   and firm skin – thereby activating collagen synthesis.

    0% silicones       0% BHT-BHA

    0% mineral oil   0% PEG

    0% parabens      0% EDTA

  • How to use

    Apply scrub to problem areas of the body massage, rinse with water.

  • Additional Information
    Skin Type

    All Skin Types


    350 ml




    Natura Siberica



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