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Only nature cosmetics can make your skin fresh and fabulous.

Russian production
The majority of Russian cosmetic brands have their own production in Russia.
Natural ingredients
Natural extracts and herbs – all of them are used in cosmetics of Russian manufacturers.
Unique items
Here you can find unique products and lines which are not available abroad.
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Fresh & Fab Skin is an online store of Russian natural and organic cosmetics. We combine all popular Russian brands to acquaint our customers with a variety of cosmetics of Russian production, which are partly represented abroad.

Natural cosmetics market is growing rapidly in Russia. More and more new cosmetic brands appear with their unique products. Russian open spaces allow to search for new recipes among the vast natural resources of Lake Baikal, Siberia, Taiga forests and steppes. As you know, Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world. Therefore the Russian cosmetics deserve attention and we want as much as possible to acquaint our customers with domestic products.

To date, the most popular Russian brand is Natura Siberica, which has received international certificates of Ecocert, ICEA, COSMOS and BDIH. Quality of other cosmetic brands from Natura Siberica manufacturers is equal to the brand Natura Siberica. There are brands like Organic Shop, Planeta Organica, Baikal Herbals, Organic People and many other certified brands which are popular in Russia among natural cosmetics. 

Cosmetics are based on the ancient Russian recipes for beauty, for example, with the using of unusual extracts of oak moss, birch leaves, rye, cornflower, pine cones, black caviar and more.

All cosmetics from our online store are certified and have all the necessary local and international certificates confirming the safety and quality of products.

Choosing the right makeup can help to preserve the freshness and beauty for a long time. On the website you can find and try a variety of Russian brands depending on your skin type or hair. Pick up correctly and try new things. We hope that you enjoy;)

Yours Fresh & Fab Skin